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Town Hall App

Community Building

Entrepreneurs, influencers, social workers- literally anyone can build their communities by hosting events.


Collaboration With Professionals

Celebrities & Influencers can collaborate with brands, and endorse them via virtual promotional events.

Hosting Events

Virtual events are everything now, given the situation! Users can freely attend seminars on interesting topics.

A Boon For Podcast Creators

This platform can be best utilized by podcast creators to build their community through engaging content.


Networking Is The key

Since networking is the foundation for everything, the clone app ensures it is done seamlessly & efficiently.

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Live Video Streaming

A special feature in our clubhouse clone. Users can also host live video streams & invite followers to view & participate.

In-App Advertisements

The best revenue-generating source. This would attract customers & organizations.

In-app Wallet

There's a wallet integrated into the app. Users can check balance, initiate transactions & withdraw cash easily.

Send Gifts & Coins

Users can send virtual gifts, coins & tips to speakers & hosts of the events. These tips can be converted into real money & withdrawn from the wallet.

Business Accounts

Entrepreneurs can create their business accounts. They can host seminars and link them directly to the company websites to gain traffic.

Paid Events & Seminars

In the clubhouse clone, there are options to create events that can be attended by followers on paying a certain amount & booking their slots.


The hallway displays all the audio meeting rooms posted by the people/communities the users follow.


Rooms are where meetings & seminars are held. Users can create rooms & invite followers for virtual discussions.


In the clubhouse clone, the feed enables users to view & explore several rooms, and check their participants too.


Clubs are similar to Facebook groups. Users can create or join clubs they are most interested in.


On sign up in clubhouse clone, users are credited with an invitation, which can be used by them to invite friends.


An in-built calendar acts as a reminder to users, of all the upcoming events that they have shown interest in.

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